Genetics and Genomics Lab- University of Mysore

1) NBR lab welcomes two new Ph.D. students, Meghana and Chaithra.

Chaitra S


Meghana KR

2) NBR’s online course on online course on ‘Principles of Genetics’ (

3) Congratulations to Malek Abbaspourkharyekion his successful Ph.D. defence.

4) International conference on recent advances in genetics and genomics has been organized by the Department of Genetics and Genomics, University of Mysore, on the occasion of superannuation of Prof. N.B. Ramachandra.

5) Congratulations to Ashitha SNM on submission of her Ph.D. thesis.

6) Congratulations Dr. Ashitha SNM on successful defence

7) Congrats to Rajani on winning best talk award at SRBCE Conference, 2021

8) Congratulations Dr. Swati Agarwala on successful defence

9) Congratulations Dr. Koushik Ponnanna CR on successful defence

10) Congratulation to Dr. Stafny Melony D Souza on her successful defence

11) Congratulation to Meghana and Chaithra for being awarded ICMR-Senior Research Fellowship